Dear Buyers,

We bought 334 Madison Ave in 2002 shortly after we were married. It was our first home and while it felt like a big step, we quickly came to love the house, our neighbors, and everything the neighborhood has to offer.

We fell in love with the historical architectural details of the house. We loved the large bright windows, the ceramic fireplace, the hardwood floors and the wonderful curved wall in the living room. It all makes the house special but more important than the architectural details of the house is the community we found after moving in.

The assumption of an urban neighborhood is often one of anonymity and indifference, but Madison Avenue couldn’t be further from that stereotype. Initially we were struck by the homeowners’ and business owners’ long-term involvement in the area and the mutual respect for our neighbors. Madison Avenue has a strong sense of community and pride.

We discovered the incredible generosity of our neighbors after we adopted our son and daughter. When we first brought them home, our neighbors welcomed them to the neighborhood with gifts and warm greetings. And their generosity is not limited to our children. We are forever grateful to our neighbor Ralph, who voluntarily keeps the flower beds on the entire street full and beautiful all summer long. We will miss weekend mornings chatting and joking with our neighbors while the kids drew pictures in sidewalk chalk in front of the house.

While 334 Madison Avenue is walking distance to nearby restaurants and shops on Lark Street, the New York State Museum, Empire Plaza, the performing arts center at the Egg, and local libraries, it also offers a refuge from the hustle and bustle of life in downtown Albany. We have spent many evenings with friends dining in the backyard or enjoying a few quiet moments on the back deck after work. Some of our fondest memories of the house include 4th of July barbecues in the backyard before walking to the fireworks display at the Plaza.

As our first home – and eventually where we started a family and sent our kids to nearby schools – the memories are too many to recount in a brief letter. We hope you experience the same joy in the house, and enjoy taking part in all that the neighborhood has to offer.


Beverly, John, and Children